p+j-print-103Throughout my career, I have successfully treated a broad spectrum of clients. I have seen adults, children, and couples seeking therapy for a wide range of problems and struggles, such as anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, and intimacy issues to mention a few. The common thread in working with such a diverse clientele is that I firmly believe that the primary curative factor in therapy is the safe and caring environment provided by the therapist. Therapy should never feel shaming or persecutory. It should be a place where people feel that they can be their true self so that exploration of who they are and wish to achieve can be possible.

Education and Experience

I received an M.S. in Clinical Psychology from San Francisco State University and work as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 50594)  in Oakland, offering therapy and counseling in both Swedish and English.  Over my years of training, I have gained experience in different treatment modalities and theories. However, I primarily work from a psychodynamic perspective, incorporating relational psychology as well as analytic theory in my work with clients. In short, these perspectives emphasize the role of our past  and the importance of earlier and current relationships, as well as the belief in an unconscious and how this informs they way we think and act. Also, these theories highlight most of what I believe is essential to growth in therapy: the therapeutic relationship and the understanding of ourselves and how we got to where we are today.

As a therapist,  I feel a deep commitment to my work. I constantly strive to grow and learn as a person as well as a clinician and feel truly fulfilled by my line of work. My goal is always to offer a curious mind coupled with great warmth and care to my clients so that they can feel understood and supported, and free to explore and discover themselves and their true potential.

On A More Personal Note

When I am not seeing clients, I like to cook  and spend time with my family and friends.  I love good food and a good laugh and will often incorporate humor in my work with clients.

Counseling in Oakland

I offer therapy and counseling to adults, couples, families, and children at my East Bay office in Oakland, near Piedmont and would love to talk to you to see how I can help.