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Insight-Oriented Counseling in Oakland

Oakland Counseling

I offer compassionate and insight-oriented therapy and counseling to individuals, couples, and children at my office in Oakland. My primary goal is to fully understand each client on a personal, intellectual, and emotional level before I attempt to intervene. I believe in a warm and caring therapeutic relationship, creating a safe space in which to explore your needs and troubles. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process, which requires active participation from both therapist and client. We will take each step in a pace that feels comfortable to you so that you feel you have control over the process and never feel pushed or pressured into something that does not feel safe. With this in mind, I believe that we can work together to understand your past and re-write your future.

Need for Counseling

Most people struggle at some point in their life. Sometimes you carry struggles from your past with you, other times they are the result of new demands and challenges in life. Regardless of their origin, these hurdles can cause a lot of pain and suffering and prevent you from living the life you had envisioned and fulfill the dreams you strive to accomplish. Talking with a therapist about these difficulties is a start to untangle your thoughts and get on your way of leading the life you want. If you live in the East Bay and think counseling is the right step for you, my therapy office is conveniently located in Oakland, near Piedmont and Berkeley.

How Counseling Can Help

Regardless of the specific problem a person might present, my experience in the field has taught me that we all think and behave a certain way for a reason. Usually, this behavior  has served a function for us and has been the best way to deal with our circumstances. For example, a person who suffers from anxiety may have had certain difficult past experiences that have taught them to be very cautious and prepare for the worst. In other words, our ways of being are a kind of survival strategy. The problem with this arises when our surroundings require us to be and act differently, and we are unable to adapt to the demands of life.

Many times, people feel as though they are stuck in certain patterns and feel doomed to continue in them. I firmly believe that this does not have to be the case. People are often unaware of their problematic behaviors and the reason for them, and seek counseling because something in their life is not going well. When we fully understand why we act and think the way we do, we gain a form of  insight that will lead to behaviors and thought processes that are genuinely rewarding, rather than the automatic and problematic responses that we carry with us from our past. The insight comes from the in-depth work we do in counseling as well as from the therapeutic relationship, between therapist and client, in which troubles can be directly acted out and experienced. We examine your past and present and start putting the puzzle pieces together in order to get a good picture of who you are and how you got there, resulting in a more fulfilling and freer life and an optimistic view of the future.

Schedule a Therapy Appointment at My Oakland Office

I offer free initial phone consultation to determine what your needs are and if I can help. If we both feel I can help, we will schedule a counseling session in person so that I can start to get a better sense of who you are and what you would like to accomplish. I will formulate a plan for your treatment and discuss this with you throughout the therapy. I welcome your input; if at any time you are not comfortable, please let me know and we will make changes accordingly. I typically see clients for counseling once or twice a week in my Oakland office and I offer a sliding scale fee depending on availability and needs of the individual.

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