Couples’ Counseling

Couples’ Counseling in Oakland

Being in a relationship can be very fulfilling and lend a lot of support and stability to one’s life. It can also be a really difficult thing to navigate and we can, at times, feel like we lose ourselves in the process. Couples commonly struggle with issues such as negotiating degrees of intimacy, agreeing on fundamental goals, communication, and the role of extended family. Other struggles are presented when marriage and children enter the picture and additional difficulties might include disagreements around child rearing and anxieties around what being married actually means. Relationship counseling can help with these troubles as well as assist couples who would like to feel better prepared for a future together and are looking for premarital counseling.

Choosing Partner

We choose a partner based on several criteria, the most obvious being love. Less obvious reasons include the aspects and dynamics our partner represents. We often select our partner because he or she reminds us of someone from our past. In many cases, the dynamics playing out with our partner, whether desired or undesired, are somehow familiar. Other personal but subconscious factors might include choosing a partner who we make sure has nothing to do with what we have experienced in our past. Regardless of how we choose our partner, it is usually the less obvious reasons of doing so that bring couples to counseling.

How Couples’ Counseling Can Help

In marriage therapy and couples’ counseling we attempt to untangle the many outside influences and subconscious factors that prevent the relationship from being fulfilling and supportive. My goal as a therapist is to get to know both individuals in the couple and help both partners regain the intimacy and compassion that is lacking. Further, I explore the dynamics between the partners and help them see each other for who they are, rather than who their partner thinks they are or should be. Sometimes, couples seek counseling when the relationship is coming to an end but have difficulties making the split. In this case, the goal is to make this separation an amicable and respectful one.

Schedule Relationship Counseling at my Oakland Office

I am happy to talk to you over the phone to see if I can help. If it feels right, we will schedule a meeting at my Oakland office so we can meet in person. During this initial meeting, I will get a better sense of your struggles or worries as a couple and we can start talking about your goals and focus in therapy. I tend to see couples on a weekly basis and each meeting lasts for 50 minutes. A sliding scale is offered based on availability and individual need.