Family Therapy

Family Counseling in Oakland

Parenting and raising a family is a difficult task in today’s society. Many parents have to work full-time in order to make ends meet and have very little energy left at the end of the day. Things like arguing and fighting among family members are normal occurrences in every family but can escalate to unmanageable proportions and leave parents feeling like they have lost control. Family counseling can help family members regain a sense of control and responsibility and, most importantly, resume the compassion and respect for one another that are often lost in difficult times.

The Family as a System

The family is a system in which family members constantly go through life experiences and changes that affect individual members as well as the entire family. When one member suffers, the rest of the family also feels that suffering in one way or another. In family counseling, the focus is less on one person and more on the family as a whole, attempting to help family members sort out their struggles and find common ground on which to unite and respect one another.

Goal of Family Therapy

Family therapy can help families make smoother transitions and teach members how to tackle current troubles, while building strengths and resources to deal with future demands. By including the whole family in sessions, we can work together to find ways to make the experience in therapy one from which family members can unite and grow together, and ultimately, return to a supporting household with a more optimistic outlook on the future. If you think family counseling is right for you, feel free to call and set up an appointment at my Oakland office.

 Make an Appointment for Family Therapy at My Oakland Office

When you call to make an appointment I will initially talk with the parents over the phone and listen to what is troubling the family. If I think I can help, I will schedule a counseling appointment with the family at my Oakland office for a more detailed picture of the situation. If we determine that family therapy would best serve you, I  will schedule several meetings with your family for an evaluation period, where I can collect impressions about areas in which you are struggling as well as where you are thriving and managing well. Then, I share with you my impressions and suggestions for treatment. I typically see families once a week for a 50-minute session. I offer a sliding scale depending on availability and individual need.